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Rome Apartment

Nina Campbell’s ability to imbue a room with a sense of place is beautifully demonstrated in this apartment she created for clients in Rome that reflects not just their shared Italian heritage but also the inimitable spirit of that most beautiful of cities. The drawing room is dominated by a magnificent piece by the 18th century artist, Giovanni Battista Piranesi and a pair of gilded armchairs covered in a luxurious damask that lends the space a distinctly Roman flavour.

Throughout the apartment the classical style of the couple’s collections of art and furniture marries beautifully with the clean lines of simple furniture and strong splashes of colour, notably in the less formal living room that is dominated by a sofa upholstered in a burnt orange and a simple side table in a red lacquer.

As with all Nina Campbell’s projects, the beauty lies in the subtle details; fabric lined walls trimmed with braid create a luxurious, cocooning backdrop to family life while specially-coloured ceramic floors and upholstery are finished with lines of stud nailing.

This project is a perfect example of Nina’s capacity to mix old and new, classic with contemporary and subtle shades with bold colours to create distinctive interiors with a sense of place that also reflect the tastes and interests of their owners.