London Pied-à-Terre

Anyone who explores Nina’s projects will notice a rare ability to evoke a mood that is sympathetic to the period of the building. It’s a skill that she has applied to everything from London town houses and a New York apartment to a Roman pied-à-terre and also when she was asked to transform a small London flat in a 1930s apartment block.

Like so much architecture of the period, the layout created spaces with a gloomy, monotonous feel. But with a combination of carefully re-configured space and the introduction of beautiful etched glass screens, she succeeded in creating the perfect London bolt-hole with a distinctly 1930s feel for her busy, well-travelled American clients.

Because the apartment is on the top floor overlooking trees, mirrors were employed to maximise the light and also to enhance the feeling of space. The apartment is furnished with a mix of thirties pieces or those inspired by that era.

It was a highly collaborative project; the husband is an engineer and he was keen to be involved in the structural aspects of the project, in particular the kitchen and bedroom storage that made the most of the limited space. The clients also spent time sourcing thirties furniture and artwork in Paris that help to summon up the effortless glamour of the thirties.