Our London Shops

Nina Campbell has been on Walton Street for over 30 years. It’s known amongst its fans as a treasure trove of home accessories and an Aladdin’s cave of gifts. Here we have all the Nina Campbell interior design accessories and many other products such as cashmere blankets, glassware, stationery, table linen and lighting to name but a few. It’s the true hub of the Nina Campbell brand.


Walton Street

9 Walton Street




Tel: 020 7225 1011


Open from 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

Chelsea Harbour

Ground Floor, Design Centre East,

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour


SW10 0XF


Tel: 0207 352 9518

Email: furniture@ninacampbell.com


Nina Campbell Branded Products

The newest string to our bow is the development of our own branded product which can be seen in our own store as well as in stockists nationwide.


Home Fragrance

Nina Campbell has developed 6 fragrances with the help of renowned ‘nose’ Sheila Pickles. These fragrances are named after semi-precious stones and come in the form of scented candles, Scented Reeds and Room Spray. The packaging design has been taken from a classic design of ours, Bagatelle Spot.


Table Linens

For the last 5 years we have been designing our own range of embroidered table linens. The motifs are inspired by Nina’s fabric collections and designed alongside the china and glass so they all correspond with each other to complete Nina’s Tabletop.



Nina Campbell started her china license with Roy Kirkham in 2009. The first project was to contemporise the classic pink and blue heart design. This has been followed by more Nina Campbell designs; Birdcage Walk, Swan Lake, Perroquet and Aquarium.



A range of glass is being developed for 2010. The Jewel Collection is also based around the idea of semi-precious stones. Moving forward this will expand with the introduction of the Home Sweet Home collection and Barware.



A licence between Nina Campbell and Johnstons was established in...... We design a collection of throws and picnic blankets in cashmere, merino wool and lamb’s wool. These are updated every two years. These are designed with the fabric collections in mind so that the overall look is consistent.


Soft Accessories

The pink and blue heart soft accessories have always been a favourite of the Nina Campbell customer. Sponge bags, bath hats, coat hangers, hot water bottles and shoe trees amongst other pieces have now been introduced as a wholesale product. In addition to these soft accessories we now also make travel bags embroidered with knickers, shoes, baby washing or laundry in various colours.



Cico Stationery hold the license for Nina Campbell’s stationery collection of notebooks, writing paper, address books, note cards, photo albums and birthday books. These feature one or other of Nina’s signature designs. Cico Books have also published four of Nina’s books.


Gift Wrap

Nina has designed a range of wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes with Penny Kennedy. These all again use designs from current wallpaper collections on a smaller scale and are updated annually.