A Chalet in Switzerland

Positioned high up in a breathtaking alpine setting, this traditional-style chalet is used by Nina’s clients in both winter and summer. Inside it is warm and cosseting while outside a terrace overlooks the majestic scenery.

Nina took an approach to the interior that was sympathetic to the vernacular style of the architecture and also supremely comfortable, whatever the weather. In the entrance hall a bench on antler supports is upholstered in a red stripe that sets the tone for the rest of the chalet.

A key ingredient that lends warmth and character throughout the interior is a large proportion of reclaimed architectural elements including doors and decorative, paneled ceilings. Another important ingredient is the mix of tartans, large scale checks and paisley weaves that add a rich palette of colours and textures that combine to lend the rooms a deeply cosseting feel.

As ever, it’s the detailing that adds a whole new dimension; deep bullion fringes on upholstery, bed hangings edged with braid and nailing on furniture result in an exceptional finish. Another example of Nina’s extraordinary attention to detail is her decoration of the elevator, a space usually overlooked by designers; here Nina has installed a beautiful light and hung a framed poster from the client’s collection of vintage travel memorabilia.