Partners in design: oomph
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Partners in design: oomph

oomph; a high-end, unique and witty painted furniture brand from Connecticut, USA. They believe that adding a few simple elements of great design can totally transform a room. In other words, hip tables, chic chairs, outstanding lighting, and beautiful accessories can bring "oomph" to any home.


What started as a design adventure for three friends, has swiftly become the standard for bringing colour to the home. Beginning with the notion that everyone had a "neutral" coloured couch - what simple design solution would reboot this basic and elevate the room. At this moment, the Tini Table was born along with a few snappy coffee tables and the rest is history! The oomph designers believe 'That the smallest amount of colour makes a difference in every room . . . Every can have a little bit of luxury in their home.' and we couldn't agree more.

Nina has long been a huge fan of oomph and all they do, so following a capsule collection designed exclusively with them in Nina colours we decided to launch the collection in its entirety here in the UK and for Europe too. We are now the exclusive Uk and European distributers for oomph and the pieces have been so well received. They are a huge breath of fresh air in an otherwise rather grey and beige world.

Shop the oomph collection here.