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Nina's News. Issue 5

The Furniture Edition

Nina Campbell

Welcome to your bi-weekly blog where we hope to keep you entertained, engaged and informed with our latest news, recommendations, tips and tricks.

This week our special guests are my great friends at oomph furniture. I have a wonderful specially made Nina Campbell cocktail from field food writer, private chef and Great Taste judge, Philippa Davies.

Also, and I highlight some of my favourites from the Furniture Sample Sale and my product of the week is oomph's very own Tini Tables - because everyone needs a bit of oomph!

Nina's Special Guest

Amy Rice and Louise Brooks from oomph Furniture 

A few years ago I was sitting on the balcony of Amanda Lindroth's house in Nassau having a drink with Amy and Louise from oomph. We all had a Rum Dum or two, which always leads to exciting things. This particular occasion we were talking about the oomph furniture line, which I already loved. We decided we wanted to sell it in the UK and bring a little oomph to London and that is exactly what happened. It has been a terrific success ever since. 

A Foreword from oomph 


We met Nina about 8 years ago at a dinner party in Nassau, Bahamas. Just like everyone who meets her, we were drawn like a magnet to her charming personality, humor, and story-telling. We knew immediately that there would be a Nina Campbell oomph story to tell in the future. Nina and her team immediately saw the potential for oomph furniture in their store and showrooms and knew their clients would love it.

We knew Nina would be the perfect designer to collaborate on unique styles and forms to bring into our line. Fast forward to today and not only have we collaborated on multiple products, but the brand is wildly successful in the UK and continental Europe because of Nina and her great team. 

Like Nina Campbell, oomph is a Female owned and run business, with family at the helm. Not only do our overall aesthetics co-exists beautifully, but so do the core values of our businesses.

Did we mention Nina Campbell throws a great party? From intimate dinners at her home – to full blown events. Nina and oomph LOVE to have fun together (more in common!). During the launch of her Nina Campbell x oomph collection, we even convinced Nina to come to High Point, North Carolina!  Maybe not the most fun, but an important milestone none-the-less. 

We are thrilled to be a part of the Nina Campbell world and that they have brought our American Made brand into so many homes.
To view the full oomph collection click here

Cocktail recipe of the Week

Philippa Davis Fruity Fresh Cocktail

Speaking of a party, the glimpse of Easter sunshine has given me a taste for something punchy.

This week Great Taste are sharing with you a fruity cocktail recipe, curated with award-winning spirits by food writer & private cook Philippa Davies. Philippa is also a regular judge for Great Taste and she has teamed her cocktail recipe with some of our Nina Campbell glassware range. 
Perfect for an al fresco get together with friends.

To view our glassware click here 



This fruity fresh cocktail is perfect for spring.  The recipe below is for two but it’s great for parties and can easily be made in larger quantities in a jug or punch bowl. Just remember to add the tonic water gently at the last minute so as not to let the bubbles escape. 


Serves 2
50ml Tayport Distillery Raspberry 1992 Liquor (3-stars)
160ml apple juice, chilled
20ml fresh lime juice
100 ml Bengal Bay Organic tonic water, chilled (2-stars)


To Garnish

2 sprigs of fresh mint
A handful of frozen raspberries
4 slices of lime
4 paper straws
You will need 2 glasses filled with ice cubes



In a little carafe or small jug pour the raspberry liquor, vodka, apple and lime juice together and mix.

Add the tonic and gently stir.

Pour into your ice filled glasses and garnish with the fresh mint, frozen raspberries and the lime slices.

Pop in your straws and cheers!


 Recipe by Philippa Davis

Philippa Davis is a private chef and food writer. She trained at The River Café in London and now travels around the world cooking and writing.
You can follow her adventures on Instagram philippadavis_food and her website

Nina's Product of the Week 

oomph Tini Tables 

I love puns and the fact the oomph Tini Tables, which are rather small, are named not because they are small, but it's where you can rest your Martini really made me laugh. The Tini Tables are so cheerful and useable.

Our Tini Tables are available to purchase and customise online. 
To view the full Tini collection click here


The Nina Campbell Furniture Sample Sale

I have selected a couple of my favourite pieces from our Furniture Sample Sale where we have 60% off our ex-showroom stock. I love all the pieces in the sale as we selected them to be on display in the showroom or for a photography shoot, so they are all my favourites.

Backgammon Table in Black
The show-stopper, The conversation piece, The ultimate home accessory! A must have! 
Was: £5716
Now: £2286.40


Alice Chair 
Our most popular small chair. I use a use a pair as fireside chairs for impromptu gatherings. 
Was: £2071 
Now: £828.40 

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Goodbye from me... 

All that's left to say is a goodbye from me.  Enjoy your outside gatherings.  
Love Nina xx