Developing your own Style
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Developing your own Style

Style evolves with experience. Don’t be too self conscious or impulsive when developing your own style. It will happen.

I am told that I have a style that makes people feel at ease. First time visitors to my own home might expect it to be rather intimidating. Yet, everyone always remarks on how relaxed they feel. Rooms are for living in. Life is stressful enough without living in a showroom.

Since I am blissfully unfettered by formal training, I have a few rules . For example if one piece of furniture works with another, then I am not going to worry about what periods they are from. What pleases is what counts. I like a classic look that doesn't date, but there are certain elements, such as the shape of a lampshade, that need to be updated from time to time. I have clients whose rooms haven't changed for years and they still look wonderful. (In a strange way, a room needs time to settle into itself and is often better in a few weeks after it has been finished, so don't pass judgement on your efforts too soon.)

In my opinion the key to good decorating is most definitely comfort: comfort combined with colours that blend.