Jewel Wine Glass

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  • Diamond Wine Glass
  • £19.00
  • Amethyst Wine Glass
  • £26.00
  • Pink Sapphire Wine Glass
  • £26.00
  • Peridot Wine Glass
  • £26.00
  • Aquamarine Wine Glass
  • £26.00
  • Topaz Wine Glass
  • £26.00
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    Whether you stick with one colour or mix and match the colours, these vibrant wine glasses are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your dining table. Ideal for formal or informal dining, the wine glasses work perfectly alongside our TABLE LINEN.

    • It is recommended that our glasses should be washed by hand. If you decide to use a dishwasher we advise you to set your dishwasher to a low temperature to prevent the glasses from going cloudy. Glasses should be stored the right way up - not on their rims which are the weakest and most easily damaged part.